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RCHAL Code of Conduct

We believe that it is the parents’ responsibility to shape the Godly character and guide the Christian education of their child.  In accordance with that belief, all parents and students are expected to represent our Lord, and RCHAL, with the highest standards of integrity and Christian character.

Membership in RCHAL is a privilege, not a right.  Any group member not adhering to the set guidelines in the Code of Conduct may be asked to meet with the RCHAL board members.  The board will determine the best course of action regarding the incidents that have occurred.  This could result in the removal of the RCHAL membership and all the privileges that go with it.


When at an activity, the parent is the ultimate parental authority.  However, the field trip coordinator or those involved in leading the event is also to be obeyed.  The guidelines set up at each activity must be followed.  There are various activities during the year that may require children to be separated by age, ability, experience, etc.  These restrictions must be honored for the benefit of everyone involved.  If in doubt – talk to the coordinator.


Be there or get left behind!


Parents must be aware of their children’s conduct at all times.  If you are unable to be physically present yourself at a function, it is your responsibility to delegate the care of your child(ren) to another responsible adult. Parents are responsible for themselves and monitoring their own children.


Children have the opportunity to participate in various activities.  Be considerate of others by obeying the rules of the activity.  During activities please be silent and still when someone is giving instructions/presentation.  No rowdy, rude or aggressive behavior (pushing, hitting, taunting, etc.) is acceptable.  Parents are responsible for themselves and monitoring their own children.  In all of our dealings please be courteous, considerate, cooperative and respectful.


The board directly delegates authority to member volunteers to represent and speak for RCHAL in scheduling an activity in which they are coordinating.  The relationship we have with different churches and organizations has been developed over many years and are all very delicate and extremely important.  There are specifics that are unique in each relationship and, therefore, no member, other than the designated party, has the authority to initiate any contact with outside sources and speak on RCHAL’s behalf.


Knowing that each student is an image-bearer of the Lord; we would like to stress modesty in dress and appearance. Parents are very instrumental in helping students to look their best and in being considerate in how their appearance affects others and honors Christ. What is not offensive to you, may be offensive to someone else. (No bare midriffs, no low-cut necklines, no short shorts or short skirts and please keep your underwear under your clothing.)


We ask that our young men and ladies treat each other with respect and refrain from flirtatious behaviors.  Although each family has the right and responsibility to address dating according to their own convictions, in order to promote that each person be treated as a temple of the Holy Spirit, we do not promote or allow any public display of affections at any RCHAL related functions.

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs.” Eph. 4:29